They joined our programs and here’s what we they think:

  • Nouhaila Natik – Aerospace Engineering Students –

ef0eae29-2e78-4770-91fb-58a425c4ff67The most important thing to me is to have the opportunity to improve myself and grow up personally and academically . Which means having a balance in my  knowledge(science,informations) as well as in my personality (self-confidence,ambition). And this is what the institute provided to me.
Furthermore, Moroccan Aerospace Institute prioritizes the importance of learning theory and practice at the same time in order to make a “REAL ENGINEER”.

Last but not least, who doesn’t appreciate learning in a pleasant environment with people who share the same ambition.

  • Taha El Moussalli – Engineering Enthousiast

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Moroccan Aerospace Institute has offered me a place where i can at the same time interact, have fun and build my personality while learning about what i love : aerospace. Their teaching pedagogy and techniques, even if destined for a long term objective, proved their worth in multiple ways just a few weeks after starting the course. If given

the opportunity to go study in Moroccan Aerospace Institute, don’t hesitate and just go for it!


  • Yousra Lokman -Aerospace Engineering Student-



Moroccan Aerospace Institute offers a great opportunity to learn the basics of aerospace engineering in a well organised program, that helps developing your creativity and logical thinking through a lot of courses and activities provided by qualified professors. It is the best place for aerospace lovers.



  • Romayssae Ouhiati – Aerospace Engineering Student –



Moroccan Aerospace Institute helps to develop skills and knowledge. I highly recommend it for those who are motivated and having a passion for aerospace engineering.

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