Moroccan Aerospace Institute organizes workshops, seminars and trainings programme
for engineering students, professional and academics alike. The goal of these activities is to further enhance their know how vis- à-vis the theoretical concepts concerned with Aerospace engineering, and implement a direct relationship between those theories and practicality.
Some of our current programs concern:

  • Finite Element Methods.
  • Performance and Project Design.
  • Stability and Control.
  • Softwares Design and Simulations.
  • Human Factor and its impact on the work environment.


The most important thing to me is to have the opportunity to improve myself and grow up personally and academically . Which means having a balance in my knowledge(science,informations) as well as in my personality (self-confidence,ambition). And this is what the institute provided to me.
Furthermore, Moroccan Aerospace Institute prioritizes the importance of learning theory and practice at the same time in order to make a “REAL ENGINEER”.
Last but not least, who doesn’t appreciate learning in a pleasant environment with people who share the same ambition.

Nouhaila Natik – Aerospace Engineering Students –

Moroccan Aerospace Institute isn’t just a normal place for learning. It is a place where everyone tries not only to help you study, but to reach your goals and to be a better person as well.

It’s a place where everyone seems to be brothers, a family that helps each other to the best of  abilities and whenever needed.

It’s also a place where learning takes on a new meaning,  transmitted through experience  and projects.

Simply Moroccan Aerospace Institute is a dream coming true, a dream which found its way to reality, a dream where  everyone is trying, working, learning and most importantly having fun doing it.

Moroccan Aerospace Institute enable you to enjoy science and become an engineer able to create.

Haydar Jawad

Moroccan Aerospace Institute offers a great opportunity to learn the basics of aerospace engineering in a well organised program, that helps developing your creativity and logical thinking through a lot of courses and activities provided by qualified professors. It is the best place for aerospace lovers.

Yousra Lokman -Aerospace Engineering Student-

Moroccan Aerospace Institute has offered me a place where i can at the same time interact, have fun and build my personality while learning about what i love : aerospace. Their teaching pedagogy and techniques, even if destined for a long term objective, proved their worth in multiple ways just a few weeks after starting the course. If given the opportunity to go study in Moroccan Aerospace Institute, don’t hesitate and just go for it!

Taha El Moussalli – Engineering Enthousiast

Moroccan Aerospace Institute helps to develop skills and knowledge. I highly recommend it for those who are motivated and having a passion for aerospace engineering

Romayssae Ouhiati – Aerospace Engineering Student –

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