Five pillars of engineering

Engineering is a noble profession which withheld its importance over the span of time, for engineers had a hand in propelling civilizations into the next level over and over again.

To be a reliable engineer is no easy task, it takes a huge amount of time and effort to become an expert, it requires making mistakes so we could learn from them and above all, it is only possible as our will and grit allows us to be.

We cannot limit a specific meaning for what is engineering, but we may state what makes a good one in these five points which are:

Scientific background


Wide scope



Describing each one of these five layers in an article in itself, so we will let you think about them for the moment, since we will be developping them extensively in articles to come.

In the meantime, remember that the world shapes itself to the way you see it.

Rocket Lab crossed a milestone

Rocket Lab successfully deployed three satellites into orbit in less than nine minutes, as well as reducing the cost of such flights to five million dollars, an achievement worth mentioning indeed.

The company used its Electron rocket for the mission after failing their first launch due to lost communication with equipment on the ground, but managed to succeed during their next launch making a milestone success with plans to go forward with commercial missions, forgetting about their third planned launch.

The future of space flight is still at play …

Science and Engineering keep on shaping civilizations.


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Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

When human imagination surpasses contemporary science.

Human imagination has proved throughout the ages to be limitless, as it remained indifferent to whatever social, scientific and technological situations during whatever era, and has pushed some of the leading minds in history to propel thoughts leading to progress beyond the barrier of time.

Tsiolkovsky is in fable imaged a world in which mankind lives in outer-space, thanks to the effort of some of the leading minds including Galileo, Newton and himself under the pseudonym of Ivanov, they described not only the practical aspects but also the feeling of amazement astronauts feels known as “The overview effect “.

Tsiolkovsky imaged what it would be like to live in orbit, explained how we would satisfy our physiological needs, how this experience would impact a social change to the better, how can we extract oxygen and minerals from meteors as well as harnessing the Sun’s energy for as long as we want.

Sure, he had some interesting theories and even though science later disproved some of them later, but he had the courage and insights to image what others couldn’t of dreamt of.

Be passionate and free in your thinking, for the world can be without boundaries  if you see it that way.


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The Bamboo-Copter

The dream of flying had consumed mankind since ancient times.
The ancient Chinese figured out that when rotating the stick, a “thrust” is produced able to propel it for flight, inspiring Hong Ge, a fourth century AD scientist to speak about rotorcrafts at the time.

Goerge Cayley, pioneer of modern aeronautics made a similar prototype which he called “rotary wafts “in 1809, capable of reaching up to 8 meters high, later improving it to reach even 30 meters.

Aeronautics and Aerospace are still are exciting and mind boggling as ever, with many technological advancement aimed towards a more sustainable industry.
Buckle up and join the ride.


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Boeing unveils a new electrical prototype

The giant manufacturer announced on the 10th of January, that they successfully built an electrical prototype for transportation purposes, embedded with their autonomous technology and took them three months for completion.

The prototype is a CAV (“Cargo air vehicle”) VTOL (“Vertical take-off and landing”), equipped with an electrical propulsion system and can transport a charge of 225kg and measures 4.57 meters long, 5.4 meters wide with 1.22 meters in height.

This comes as a major development as Boeing continues on investing in Electrical and autonomous prototypes following its purchase of Aurora Flights, a company developing a transport plane with no pilots.


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Airbus could cease manufacturing the A380 superjumbo

Airplane and travel enthusiasts,

Airbus announced Monday, that they may be forced to stop production of their superjumbo A380, if they can’t strike a long-term deal with Emirates airline.

The news came as a bit of a shock, since the company spent numerous years and funding developing the mega plane, to find themselves depending on a deal of 10 years, with an engagement to purchase at least six planes a year.

The only airline capable of such purchasing ability are The Emirates who rely  only on the A380 and Boeing 777 to form their large fleet.

In case the program is shut, Airbus would have to focus on the A350 as alternative in the hope of surpassing their competitor Boeing.



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