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The journey begun with a project presentation by the group of (Madani/Omar/Hiba) who describe the state of their progress and the results they came to concerning:

  • Requirements.
  • Geometrical parameters.
  • CAD design.

Pr. KAILIL followed by presenting the pieces made of composite materials (Carbon fiber and NIDA) in order to explain the fabrication procedures ( decouple, drapage, polymerization, usinage and detour age ).

After an extensive debate between our participants and the visitors (engineers and pilots), a conference about “Aerospace technologies” was animated by Pr. KAILIL in which he explained the multiple technologies used in Satellites and launchers, their importance, cost and exploitations.

“ Self confidence and personal values” were the values that Pr.KAILIL estimated are important before initiating the second conference of the day.

He also insisted on the importance of self confidence when conducting professional projects.

Stay tuned for more, and remember WHY NOT?

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