In order to forge a link between the participants of the Aerospace Summer School program, a reception was held at IBIS HOTEL in the region of Agdal, Rabat.

Pr. KAILIL gave a welcome word to our aeronautics enthusiasts, in which he laid out the schedule and planning for the activities to come, while describing that participants will be able to develop and consolidate their technical and personal skills thanks to conferences, projects and psycho-technical tests.

The program will be animated by national/international figures, highly qualified with a
great experience in their different industries.

In the spirit of a friendlier atmosphere, the participants gathered around a launch table to exchange their experiences and get to know each other better.

Numerous topics were discussed during this break, especially the exchange that happened between more experienced individuals and youth.

Back to the conference room, Pr. KAILIL explained the work method which will be implemented during the program, entitled “Project Based Learning “with the aim of getting our participants engaged with practical problem-solving methods.

Three conferences were animated afterwards:

  • The engineer role in the Moroccan Industrial Tissue.
  • Unmanned Aircrafts and their usage in Agriculture.
  • Telecommunication and data treatment.

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