Engineering students who are fascinated by Aerospace are many and repartitioned all over the country, a great example of these individuals are the future engineers to be of ENSA, Agadir.
Moroccan Aerospace Institute was invited to host a conference in their premises with Pr.KAILIL Abbes as its moderator.
The conference main purpose was to introduce the attendees into:

  • Technologies and techniques used in Aerospace probes.
  • Performance parameters behind Aeronautic vehicles.
  • Rise of the unmanned vehicle sector and its advantages.
  • The purpose and mission of engineers.

We were pleased by the interest shown from students and professors alike, as it led to a fruitful Q&A session.
Our message remains the same wherever we may set sail, which is to believe in yourself, mission and ability to shape your own path.
See you soon AGADIR.
Moroccan Aerospace Institute team,


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