When human imagination surpasses contemporary science.

Human imagination has proved throughout the ages to be limitless, as it remained indifferent to whatever social, scientific and technological situations during whatever era, and has pushed some of the leading minds in history to propel thoughts leading to progress beyond the barrier of time.

Tsiolkovsky is in fable imaged a world in which mankind lives in outer-space, thanks to the effort of some of the leading minds including Galileo, Newton and himself under the pseudonym of Ivanov, they described not only the practical aspects but also the feeling of amazement astronauts feels known as “The overview effect “.

Tsiolkovsky imaged what it would be like to live in orbit, explained how we would satisfy our physiological needs, how this experience would impact a social change to the better, how can we extract oxygen and minerals from meteors as well as harnessing the Sun’s energy for as long as we want.

Sure, he had some interesting theories and even though science later disproved some of them later, but he had the courage and insights to image what others couldn’t of dreamt of.

Be passionate and free in your thinking, for the world can be without boundaries  if you see it that way.


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